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EH Academy and Engineers House

If you are looking for a medical field job like a doctor or nurse you have come to the right place. We EH Academy has created a course especially for you to guide the students to pass the OET test on the first try itself.

Here you will improve not only confidence level also on reading, writing, speaking and listening. (DURATION 30 Hrs)


  • We train you to use academic English in working
  • We train you to use proper medical terms and vocabulary
  • We train you the strategies and techniques for the test
  • Practice test and exam preparation thought the course
  • Detailed individual performance feed back
  • To write a letter for referral ,discharge and also for transfer
  • EMI available


With a total duration of 45 minutes, the Listening subtest consists of a total of 42 questions divided into 3 parts. Candidates would each hear the recorded speech once and would be expected to answer the questions while at it. The total duration of the exam would include dealing with topics of generic healthcare interests across all healthcare professions.


With a total duration of 60 minutes, the Reading section is made up of 42 questions, divided into 3 parts. Candidates would be required to answer the question of generic healthcare-related topics.


With a total duration of 45 minutes, the Writing section requires the candidate to write a letter, usually a letter of reference in his/her field of specialty. The candidate would beprovided with background information to his task which he may or may not incorporate into his reference letter. This particular task is profession-specific, hence while a nurse would have to write a letter specific to nursing a dentist would be required to write a reference letter specific to dentistry.


With a total duration of 20 minutes, candidates are required to individually enact their professional role in real-life scenarios in a professional healthcare environment. A profession-specific exercise, candidates are required to role play their profession while the panellist plays a patient for the first part, and the roles are reversed in the latter. Candidates are given 3 minutes to prepare for each side before the start of each act.

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