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EH Academy and Engineers House

To achieve a top band score, enrol in our coaching centre were we provide intensive training in every module with adequate mock tests in listening, reading, writing and speaking.(DURATION-42 Hrs)


  • We train you to use academic English in writing
  • We train you to express yourself fluently across a range of topics using appropriate vocabularies
  • We train you to build a good essay structure
  • Experienced and well knowledge trainers to help you achieve the best result in the shorter time
  • Free study materials
  • Details individual feedback and remedies to improve
  • Practice test and mock test all through the coaching time
  • Free demand evaluation test.
  • EMI available


  • Understand the format of the Listening test.
  • Complete a sample Listening test.
  • Understand how the Listening test is marked.


  • Understand the task types in the Writing test.
  • Become familiar with the criteria on which Task 1 and Task 2 are assessed.
  • Read through one or two sample Writing test scripts.
  • Understand how these writing scripts were awarded band score levels and assess whether this level is appropriate for your minimum score requirements.


  • Understand the format of the Reading test.
  • Complete a sample Reading test.
  • Understand how the Reading test is marked.


  • Understand the format of the Speaking test.
  • Understand the criteria on which the Speaking test is marked by becoming familiar with the public version of the IELTS assessment criteria.
  • Listen to parts of the test and understand the speaking proficiency required to achieve a certain band score level.

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