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EH Academy and Engineers House

EH Academy provides Survey course for Civil engineers. Survey course is designed for candidates who have diploma or graduation in civil engineering. The Survey course consists of

  • Total station surveying
  • GPS(Global Positioning System)
  • GIS(Geographic information system)

Initially developed for military use, GPS is now part of everyday life; used in mobile phones, in-car navigation and search and rescue equipment to mention just a few. But there is a wide variety of equipment and techniques that can be used for surveying. Students are provided with an overview of the legal aspects of land surveying.
The geospatial technology combines key data and visual information from multiple sources and integrates everything into databases to create intelligent maps. The ability to collect overlay and analyze disparate data sources can reveal patterns, relationships, and emerging trends that otherwise might be overlooked. Oftentimes solutions become more apparent through visualization.
Course duration: 1 month

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